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He Is Here!

On the night you were BORN

The MOON smiled with such WONDER

That the STARS peeked in to see YOU,

And the night WIND whispered,

“You make the world look BEAUTIFUL again!”

Best sister

In my last post, I said I have a very good reason for being MIA from bloggerdom. Now, I am at liberty to explain! This weekend happens to be one of the best of my life.

My sister and brother -in law welcomed their son, my nephew, Kiaan Menon Pillai into this beautiful world! My son has been promoted to the Big Brother status and I have been promoted from sister to Aunt! 😀

That poem above is dedicated to him from his loving aunt (your’s truly) and his big brother – my son Adi – who started crying in joy when he saw the first picture of his baby brother.

I hope my son Adi and nephew Kiaan develop the kind of strong bond of love and  trust that I share with my sister and brother-in-law!

Welcome to this beautiful world Kiaan!

You have specially made a big brother and aunt (among other family members) very happy by joining us in your beautiful journey of life!

P.S: I will continue to be MIA for a while, but will hop in once in a while to check out your blogs. Until then, please hang on and read some posts that you may have missed from the Archives section of this blog. I will, however, continue to post for the weekly limerick challenge.

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