Aletha Wade

I’m writing to recommend Rashmi Menon, as an Editor and Beta reader. Rashmi read my epic fantasy novel in June 2019, and I was thrilled with her comments and feedback. She was a pleasure to work with, bringing her fantastic attention to detail to every aspect of my story. She also gave me fabulous advice which I took, and my story is better for it. Her communication and people skills are excellent, and she has some very innovative ideas.

Rashmi immediately picked up what other Beta’s had not—that my book needed a little more world-building, and she knew my characters after reading it. She put her heart and soul into Beta reading and I will definitely ask her to assist me with the rest of my books in the series.

Rarely do you come across someone who is talented at both big picture ideas and the small details. If that is what you are looking for, Rashmi is just that person. 

Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have any further questions.


Aletha Wade

Author of The Way of Heroes 


A Single Mother with an unbreakable passion to Live the Life! I am a Writer/Author by passion and an IT Project Manager by profession. I am also the voice of Artemis at In The Pantheon - a multi-author collaborative writing project. When not hunting as Artemis, I am busy querying agents and working on my multiple writing projects. Women Empowerment and Child Rights Advocate.