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To Dream Or Not To Dream!

Most people associate the word “Dream” with sleep and naturally so. How can you dream if you don’t sleep, right? While that may be true, there is something much more to Dream, to having a Dream and to having the courage to follow your Dreams! It takes courage to have a dream and it takes courage to work towards making that dream come true. We have definitely heard this before. We see so many inspiring quotes and posts throughout the internet and social media these days that encourages you to “follow your dreams”. They sound really good. I mean really, they are so inspiring, encouraging, makes you want to go out and conquer the world!
Humans as a species have a need to blindly follow the society, which is one of the reasons, why we follow so many ‘rules’ and ‘norms’ of the society that we live in. Whether we believe in them or not, we still have an unexplained urge to follow them. So when the whole “follow your dream” and “follow your passion” became the next big thing, everyone wanted to jump into the bandwagon. We all have that ‘something’ that we want for ourselves or for the people we love. I was also one of them, I wanted to follow my dreams too, only problem was I didn’t know what to do and what to expect. Almost every day we hear people around us preaching that we should follow our dreams, follow our passion and follow our ambition to be truly successful. But no one seems to preach on how to go about it or what steps we need to take! Since most preachers were not of much help, I decided to do some research!
As expected of anyone living in this century, I turned to my good friend “Google” to help me find an answer. Although, I saw many articles and blog posts relating to the topic, I didn’t really ‘discover’ an answer to my problem. That was when I decided to help myself and write down a few pointers about discovering your dreams in a realistic manner and what to expect on your way forward.
Question yourself!
The first question that you should ask yourself when you decide to follow your passion is, if you have taken the time to figure out what it is that you are after? What good is following your dreams if you haven’t even figured out what your real dream is? So, my first advice would be to sit down and do some ‘soul searching’, be honest with yourself while doing so. Write down what you feel, what is it that makes you happy? What is it that you are actually after? Is it happiness, money, fame or just the general ‘feel-good’ factor?
Remember that is a long and ongoing process!
We are a fast nation who demands speed in everything. And dreams are no exception. Remember that it takes time to figure out your dream and it takes time to start working towards realizing your dream. And it most definitely takes time to start seeing the result of all that hard work you put in. So if being patient with time is not on your agenda then you are bound to get frustrated and disappointed.
It involves making sacrifices!
Chances are that following your dream involves making a few or a lot of sacrifices depending on your goal. These sacrifices include giving up your current job which also means giving up the money that job brings. Sometimes, you may have to move from your current location which means leaving your family and friends behind while you are off chasing your dreams. You may also have to give up your comfortable lifestyle to support yourself in your new quest. Changes in your lifestyle could mean living a much simpler life, cutting down on your expenses, barely making ends meet every month – these are some of the realities you will have to face.
Be realistic!
Let’s be realistic. Assuming that anyone can just drop everything they’ve built to follow an interest that may or may not be able to support them is not something that can realistically happen. For example, how can a single parent rationalize quitting a job that pays for the kids’ food, schooling and healthcare, to go after their dream? Yes, it would be perfect to show the kids an adult living their dreams, but maybe not so great if that means less food and no health insurance for the kids. And what about those who are the sole bread-winners in a family? Unless your dream consists of working at a job that provides a healthcare and a living wage, most people with these longings can and should only really indulge them in a part-time way.
Find the “Passion” in something that you are already doing!
Sometimes, we just want to do something because everyone is doing them. Just because your best friend decided to follow his dream or your girlfriend wants to follow her passion, you don’t have to do the same thing. If that is the reason you are trying to find a dream to follow then you can keep looking all your life and may still not find something that you feel passionate about. Instead look at what you are already doing and try to find the passion in it. It does not necessarily have to be your career/job, it could be something that you do at other times. Maybe you just haven’t realized just yet how much you enjoy it!
Remember, it is your life and only you can decide what your priorities are and what path you want to take. Whether you decide to follow your dreams or to make few sacrifices for your loved ones, it is your decision. There is no right or no wrong in that ‘coz no one knows your life more than you!

A Single Mother with an unbreakable passion to Live the Life! I am a Writer/Author by passion and an IT Project Manager by profession. I am also the voice of Artemis at In The Pantheon - a multi-author collaborative writing project. When not hunting as Artemis, I am busy querying agents and working on my multiple writing projects. Women Empowerment and Child Rights Advocate.

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