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    Help! I am Going Crazy!

    My blog, Mind and Life Matters has come a long way since it started. Next month is my first year anniversary or should I say Blogiversary, like the cool kids? Wow, time does really fly, does it not? When I…

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    The Lighthouse – A Haiku

    The prompt for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge this week are the words “Top & Light.” Here’s my haiku for RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #100 Top&Light. ©Confessions of a Writeaholic (previously Mind and Life Matters). Photo Clicked by Nitin Pillai.

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    Voyage – A Haiku

    Sky full of bright stars Soothing sound of the river New voyage beckons This Haiku is written in response to Camster Origami’s post. You might want to hop over to congratulate him for winning the 2nd place in National Poetry Contest.

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    Riverside Camping Haven

    I am a nature lover who loves spending time in the woods, by the riverside, up on a mountain or by the beach. Living in Virginia, I have always admired the terrain and landscape of this state from the Coastal Plain…

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    A Bibliophile's Wonderland!

    Wonderland! What is the picture that comes to your mind when I say wonderland? The word wonderland holds a different meaning for each one of us. A bibliophile like me would define wonderland as any place with books, books and…

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    National Limerick Day 2016

    Today is the National Limerick Poetry Day, according to the internet, it is celebrated annually on May 12. Silly me, had no idea that a day was dedicated to limerick poetry, in spite of managing a weekly limerick poetry challenge!…

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    One Shade of Grey?

    My sister shared this image on her Facebook account, it made me laugh out loud, giggle and chuckle all at once, that was until I read all the comments. The comments were mainly divided into 2 categories. One group was…