Beta Reading – who it’s for

Authors require beta readers to help them improve their craft and provide objective feedback showing what a reader thinks of the book.

As a multi-genre author and a fan of reading several genres, I can provide feedback from a reader’s perspective on your book. A Beta Reader is not an editor. It is not their job to fix grammar or spelling, though many Beta Readers (myself included) will make notes of these mistakes as we catch them.

Sensitivity Reader – who it’s for

A sensitivity reader is required if the manuscript includes characters or events from other cultures and/or communities. If the author is not a POC and is writing characters, events, or attributes belonging to the POC community, it is advisable to get sensitivity reader for the manuscript. This also applies to other minority communities such as LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent, autisitic communities among others, depiction of mental health, etc.

A sensitivity reader can point out any form of misrepresentation, bias, offensive content, stereotyping, and/or lack of understanding in the manuscript.

Price: US$50 per book flat (includes Beta and Sensitivity Read)

What you get

1. A Full Analysis of your book

I’ll beta/sensitivity read your book (as per your preference) to provide you with objective feedback on how your book was received as a reader. The focus will be on the following:​

  • Notes about the plot
  • Notes on character traits and growth
  • Notes of plot holes found, if any.
  • Worldbuilding effectiveness – for Fantasy/Science Fiction
  • Sensitivity aspects (if requested) – stereotyping, offensive content, etc.

​2. A Full Report

You will receive a full report with my findings on the above, along with comments and suggestions on improving any plot/character inconsistency found.

The report will NOT include comments about grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. If you are specifically looking for Line and Copy Editing, Please click HERE.

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