Full Line and Copy Editing – Who is it For?

You’ve nailed your story and the overall structure of your manuscript. Now it’s time to focus on readability so that your readers stay on the page and immerse themselves in your prose.

A line and copyedit corrects and smooths artfully but invisibly retaining the integrity of your style and narrative voice. I will ensure that your writing flows well without any distractions.

Price: US$0.005 per word (Total Word count is based on your Manuscript)*

What you get

1. A Full Line-by-line Edit

I’ll edit your book line-by-line and word-for-word addressing the following:

  • Spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, hyphenation, and capitalization
  • Dialogues: tagging, punctuation, and style
  • Sentence level narration
  • Use of tenses
  • Pace and flow: use of repetitive words and overwriting
  • Letter, word, line, and paragraph spacing
  • Telling vs showing effectiveness
  • Character trait consistency

​2. A Full Editorial Report

In response to the check, you will receive a full editorial report in which I’ll record decisions about line and copy editing.

The report will NOT include comments and/or suggestions about developmental editing. Please click HERE if you are specifically looking for Developmental Editing.

*Price = $0.005 per word (Total word count is based on the manuscript you submit).
Example – A manuscript with 70,000 words will cost $350 (70,000*0.005) for line and copy editing.
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If you are looking for a package service for both Copy and Development Editing, please use the contact button below and include “Editing Package” in your message.