My Books and WIPs

Immortal Fears – A Halloween Anthology

Immortal Fears is a collection on Short Stories written by the authors of the Online Magazine In The Pantheon. I am one of the authors, who have contributed a short story to this anthology.

The immortals of the Greek Pantheon may think they are invincible, but there are creatures out there that even the Gods and Goddesses fear! Want to know more? Click here to Pre-order!

A Soul for a Soul by Rashmi P. Menon

A dark shadow has descended on Artemis’ beloved Olympus National Park. When the sinister shadow starts reaping souls of the mortals visiting her Park, Artemis sets out on a quest with her hunting partner, Orion, and the God of Death, Thanatos. Racing against time, Artemis must unravel the mystery of the dark shadow and retrieve the lost souls before it consumes them forever.  

Immortal Fears will be available on August 25, 2020.

One Summer Day

My debut novel, a Pyschological Thriller, is temporarily titled One Summer Day. This book is based on the characters from a short story I wrote sometime in 2015. As of 2020, I am in the process of querying literary agents for this book.

Click HERE to read the inspiration story for One Summer Day.

Buried Deceptions

The working title for my second book that is currently in the editing phase is Buried Deceptions. I started writing this Mystery Thriller when I participated in NaNoWriMo in 2016. I am hoping to finish the editing and beta-reading process for this book and start querying literary agents by end of this year or early next year.

Click Here to read a synopsis of Buried Deceptions.

The Forgotten Violin

The Forgotten Violin tells the story of Claire and Andrew Walker, this story is very close to my heart. Just like my other books, the idea for this Contemporary/Emotional drama was inspired from a short story I wrote. I recently finished the process of outlining and researching for the book. I am hoping to start writing the first draft soon.

Click Here to read the inspiration for The Forgotten Violin.

I have plans for a science fiction novel and a narrative nonfiction/memoir about single parenting, but that will be at a later stage. More on that later!

I hope you enjoy reading the synopsis and inspirations for my WIP’s. Let me know what you think.