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My Books

List of Books by Rashmi P. Menon

1. Tales Untold: Mythos Around the World

A collection of 15 stories by 15 different authors inspired by the different mythology and folklores across the globe. Tales Untold: Mythos From Around The World is an anthology based on folklore and mythology from all over the world. 

If you love stories from Greek Mythology, ancient Indian folklores, English Legends, or Scandinavian mythology, then this anthology is for you. 

“The Gandharva circumspectly tempers timeless bonds with modern perceptions, creating a cautionary tale that honors a rich heritage.” – Indies Today

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2. Immortal Fears – A Halloween Anthology

Immortal Fears is a collection on Short Stories written by the authors of the Online Magazine In The Pantheon. I am one of the authors, who have contributed a short story to this anthology.

The immortals of the Greek Pantheon may think they are invincible, but there are creatures out there that even the Gods and Goddesses fear!

A Soul for a Soul by Rashmi P. Menon

A dark shadow has descended on Artemis’ beloved Olympus National Park. When the sinister shadow starts reaping souls of the mortals visiting her Park, Artemis sets out on a quest with her hunting partner, Orion, and the God of Death, Thanatos. Racing against time, Artemis must unravel the mystery of the dark shadow and retrieve the lost souls before it consumes them forever.  

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3. Immortal Loves – A Greek Romance Anthology

Immortal Loves is a collection of Short Stories written by the multi-author collaboration of the Online Magazine In The Pantheon. I am one of the 20 authors in this anthology.

Greek Mythology has eight forms of Love: Eros, Philia, Agape, Storge, Mania, Ludus, Pragma, and Anteros. The immortals of the Greek Pantheon will have to face them all!

New Moon Rising by Rashmi P. Menon

After Apollo tricked Artemis into slaying Orion, she had abandoned her twin and sworn off love for eternity. Instead, she chose a solitary life in the woods. An encounter with the Titan of the Moon, Selene, at a party leaves Artemis questioning her decisions. Will Artemis allow herself to experience the strong desire she feels for Selene, an emotion she had discarded all those years ago? Can she finally forgive Apollo and make peace with her loss?

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4. A Time for Thrills – Thriller Anthology

A Collection of six thriller stories to satiate your taste for mystery, action, riddle, and experiencing paranormal events – over and above human imaginations and thoughts.

The stories are unique in their ideas and plots and varied in their excitement, suspense, anxiety, surprise, and anticipation modes.

Different human emotions, reactions, and situations portrayed in each story in their own distinctive pattern, eccentric and special in their messages and ideas.

One Summer Day by Rashmi P. Menon

Anna has 10 hours to make a life altering decision. In the span of one summer day, she must plan, prepare, and execute the decision to escape from the horrors of her life and the country.

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