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Unbound – Reader’s Choice Award Winner - My short story Unbound won the Reader's Choice Award at the Fall Short Story Writing Contest. It is the story of a young immigrant girl named Laila and one life-altering decision she had to make. Continue Reading
Mine – Part III - Mine – A Lucien Hawke Story – is a 3-part short story that is being published as a part of the Guest Blogging for Confessions of a Writeaholic. Read Part I and Part II if you haven't already. Blackrose gasped. She covered her mouth. Kai showed no sign of acknowledging the noise. “I have the power to enter your dreams, your heart, and your mind. I hunger for love, Mike. I thrive on it.” “Freak.” Kai's smile faded. He stared into Mike's eyes. Kai pounced on Mike and bit into his neck. He ripped the flesh clean off the bone and swallowed. Mike fell to the floor, dead. The poor lad didn't even have time to scream. The other three… Continue Reading
Mine – Part II - Kai smiled. “Proof that our bond is real.” He ran his hand over Gabe's. His touch was gentle. It was welcoming. “I know your loneliness. I know your wish for connection. Your wish for acceptance. Your entire being screams it. I have felt this cry. I know you wish for a friend who understands.” A few passing students caught the tender moment and burst into laughter. Gabe jerked his hand away. “But it's not you.” Gabe froze. He glanced down. “My hand...” “My gift to you.” Continue Reading
Mine – Part I - An eerie quiet loomed within the school halls. It was an unusually windy night for the end of summer. Gabe tried rubbing the goosebumps off his arm. The empty school was unsettling. Broken lockers creaked with each swing. Wind whistled. Shadows danced. Gabe tried shaking off his nerves. “Why am I doing this?” Continue Reading
Hearts Desire – A Sonnet - This sonnet was written for an authors writing challenge that I participate in Instagram. I am no poet, but I do hope you enjoyed it. Continue Reading
If I Were A Goddess - As I sit here typing this post, I can’t help but smile at everything that transpired the last month and all that I have accomplished. Yes, a sense of accomplishment is what I feel when I think about July. Despite, the fact that I may not have posted much on my blog, I am proud of the amount of writing I did. I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo and contributed a total of 51K words into my WIP. The debut novel that I am currently working on. 51 thousand words, y’all! I am excited about where my book is headed, it has changed drastically from what I had initially planned, but I am really enjoying writing it. I am also glad… Continue Reading
I Still Remember – A Poem - I still remember The warmth of your tiny body on my bosom The first time I held you in my arms The tears of joy rolling down my face I still remember The sweet resonance of you suckling on my breast The heavenly ambrosial of your milky smile When you wrapped your tiny hands around my finger I still remember The panic of not finding a rhythm to your breathing The tears rolling down my face when I held you to my heart Though you're no longer part of my world I still remember!   Continue Reading
My Life My Way! - All the World is my home Yet, I feel free in the wild the calming voice of the river that flows the soulful chirping of the birds they take me into a trance, into a World where I belong! This is me, this is my life my way In a world where I flow freely like the river and dance to the tunes of the birds I bloom out beautiful like the wild flowers careless and carefree Living the life here, this is my life my way! Alone I stand proud and tall watching people come and go some admire me while others laugh at my destiny This is me, this is my life my way This is, still, the… Continue Reading
The Hunter – A Haiku - Time ebbing to dusk    Wolves howl at the moon when hunter calls hunted Written for Ronovan’s haiku challenge – prompt words are “Moon & Hunter” Image copyright - Mind and Life Matters Continue Reading
The Light – A Short Story! - “Angela, come here. You have got to check this out,” Grace called out from the backyard of their home. Angela leaned over from her bedroom window and looked at her sister. “What is it?” She asked. “I am studying for my test!” “Oh, for Pete’s sake, can you stop studying for a second? You’re such a nerd!” Grace shouted back. Angela stared at her sister as though asking her to say something new that she did not already know. “Seriously, come here! You really want to see this!” Grace persisted. Grumbling at her sister for disturbing her, Angela made her way towards the backyard, which was covered by a fresh batch of leaves that had fallen the night before. Like… Continue Reading