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Mine – Part II

Mine – A Lucien Hawke Story – is a 3-part short story that is being published as a part of the Guest Blogging for Confessions of a Writeaholic. Read Part I – HERE.

The school was crowded like usual. Students traveled in packs. Barely any space was available to pass through. Gabe left his hood on while he maneuvered through. He squeezed between two groups and finally came to his destination.


“What?” Walter turned around from his locker. Dark bags had settled under his eyes.

“Damn. You look like hell.”

“Walter punched Gabe’s shoulder. It barely stung though. It was as if Walter had no strength. “Don’t act like we’re close. I still have a reputation to uphold.”

Gabe raised an eyebrow. “Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m fine. What do you want? Hurry up.”

Gabe bit his lower lip. “Um…” He stuffed his hands into his pockets. A habit he just noticed he did when he was nervous. “I… I think something happened with that spell.”

“The damn thing didn’t even work.” Walter glanced past Gabe as the hall grew quiet. The crowds parted. They whispered and admired the beautiful devil heading toward them.

“It can’t be…”

Kai stopped before Gabe. He gave him an acknowledged nod and continued on. Girls swooned and instantly flocked to talk about the handsome stranger.

“Oh shit. Walter… I had a dream about that guy last night.”

“You trying to tell me you’re a psychic now or you bat for the same team. Either way, I really don’t care.”

“Shut up, Walt. Be serious. I have this feeling that our spell last night brought that guy here.” Gabe inhaled. His hands were shaking. “And I don’t think he’s human.”

“Whatever.” Walter turned on his heel and walked away.


“Leave me be or I’ll pummel you.”

Gabe balled a fist. A group of teens passed by and knocked Gabe into the lockers. They laughed while continuing down the hall.

“Strange animals, humans are. They torture that which they admire because they can’t understand. Such darkness. Such a pity.”

Gabe jumped. He held his chest. “Can people stop sneaking up on me?!”

Kai leaned against the lockers. He smiled. Although it was meant to be friendly, his smile sent shivers down Gabe’s spine. “You shine, though. There is… light… in your darkness. I am lucky to be your friend instead of another.”

“Friend? I don’t know what you are, but we’re not friends.”

“Already bonded, Gabe.” Kai chuckled. “You have summoned me.”

Gabe shook his head. “That was Walter’s spell. Go bother him.”

Kai reached for Gabe’s injured hand and smelled it. “But it is your blood I am bound to. Yours is the first to call me.”

When I reached for the candle… “It was a mistake. Go bother Walt. And stop terrorizing my dreams.”

Kai smiled. “Proof that our bond is real.” He ran his hand over Gabe’s. His touch was gentle. It was welcoming. “I know your loneliness. I know your wish for connection. Your wish for acceptance. Your entire being screams it. I have felt this cry. I know you wish for a friend who understands.”

A few passing students caught the tender moment and burst into laughter. Gabe jerked his hand away. “But it’s not you.” Gabe froze. He glanced down. “My hand…”

“My gift to you.”

Gabe unwrapped the bandage. The wound received from the night before disappeared. There was no pain or scar. There was no evidence of there ever being a wound. “H-how did… why did?”

“I thrive on your light, Gabe. I crave for your love… I need it.”

Gabe noted a majestic presence to Kai. For a moment, Gabe thought he found something long lost. A feeling he had forgotten.

“Accept my love and you too shall be loved. No one deserves to be alone in this empty life.

“Something about this seems wrong.”

Kai put his arm around Gabe’s shoulder. His touch was warm, but it didn’t feel right. Still, part of him yearned for more. “Aren’t you tired of struggling in this world alone?”

Gabe closed his eyes. His mother was dead. His father was never in the picture. He was alone. “Yes…”

Kai stood victorious. “Never again will you be alone.” He let his arm fall and he took a step back. “See you in class… friend.”

Gabe heard Kaither’s footsteps fade. He gulped back the crushing fear forming in the pit of his stomach.

“We have a transfer student joining our class it appears.” The goth girl from Gabe’s class walked up to him. She put a hand on her hip and watched Kai walk down the hall. His presence demanded everyone’s attention. An ability of the monster, Gabe figured.

“Yeah. Seems like it.” Gabe blushed. He didn’t know what else to say. He was nervous around her.

“He was real friendly with you. You know him?”

“Not really. Just met him.”

Goth girl pursed her lips. “I don’t like the energy he gives off. It seems… monstrous.”

Gabe flicked his eyebrows up. “Here I thought I was the only one who felt that.”

“Well, now it’s two.”

Their eyes met and lingered for a long minute. Gabe looked away to hide his fluster. She was really cute and the dark make-up suited her aesthetics beautifully.

She extended her hand out to him. “The name’s Rose, but my friends call me Blackrose ’cause all I wear is black.” She chuckled.

“Gabe.” He took her hand and shook it.

“I noticed Walter Rock staring at you in class yesterday.”

“He had a favor to ask me.”

“The school bully?” Blackrose looked him up. “Something tells me you’re a magnet for the strange.”

Gabe shrugged. “It’s my curse.” He noticed Blackrose fiddling with a necklace with an elegant rose. “Bit on the nose, isn’t it?”

She brushed her dark hair behind her ear. “Better than a nameplate, I say. I’m surprised. Not many people notice it.”

“When you’re alone all the time, you notice what others don’t.”

“Odd.” Blackrose raise an eyebrow.

“What is? Noticing things?”

“You being alone. I don’t get it.”

Gabe grew quiet.

“Anyway, I’d stay away from the new guy if I were you. He’s dangerous.”

Gabe gave a little smirk. “You got inside info I don’t?”

Blackrose gave a wink. “The perks of being psychic.” She headed toward the classroom.

His heart skipped a beat. A half-smile appeared on Gabe’s lips. He watched her walk. He liked the way she dominated the space she was in. People moved aside for her. Her confidence was inspiring.

Lost in a daze, Gabe was pushed against the lockers. Some boys surrounded him. “Looks like we got a little fairy in our school, boys.”

Gabe straightened. He stared down the three bigger boys. “Finally got the courage to look in the mirror?”

The leader of the pack, the shortest of the bunch, stepped forward. He pushed Gabe again. “You’ve got a mouth on you. It won’t save you.” He pinned Gabe against the lockers. “Your disgusting kind ain’t wanted here. Get out.” The punk snapped his fingers. His goons turned to leave. “You’ve been warned.”

The bell rang. A group of girls surrounded Gabe’s desk and blocked him in. Gabe groaned. He looked to his left. The girls doted their attention on Kai. To Gabe’s dismay, Kai was assigned in the seat beside him. He wouldn’t have cared but all attention was on Kai; and with Kai giving all of his attention to Gabe, all eyes were on him.

Kai politely declined the girls’ attention to Gabe and wrapped his arm around Gabe’s shoulder. “Thank you for the offers, ladies, but I will be spending the day with my friend here.” Both walked out of the classroom.

Gabe didn’t think he looked half-bad. However, in comparison to Kai, the girls in the school looked at him like he was a monstrosity. Pitiably, he felt like it.

The punks Gabe encountered earlier blocked their way. “I thought you faeries to get out of my school.”

Kai cocked his head to the side. “I am no fairy. Can you not tell what is before you? Are you a half-wit? I thought half-wits disappeared with the medieval ages. I haven’t seen one since.”

Gabe tensed. The way Kai had said that unsettled him. The punk leader’s smile faded. He grabbed Kai, but neither budged. The leader made movement as if he was trying hard to push him. Kai yawned nonchalantly.

Kai stared into the leader’s eyes. “What is your name, half-wit?”

Gabe noted the punk’s expression turn blank. “…Mike.”

“Mike…” Silence settled between them. Kai remained unmoved. He didn’t break eye-contact with Mike. Not once within two minutes did he blink.

Gabe tried to back away from the awkward tension. He couldn’t. Kai had an immovable grip on him. Fear crept back in. The fear intensified when drool fell from Kai’s lip. Gabe couldn’t help but imagine Kai as a hungry animal watching his food.

Kai took a breath, but to Gabe, it sounded like a snarl. “And what of your friends? What are their names?”

Mike blinked. “Ken, Rob, and Chris.”

A devilish smile formed. He pulled his arm from around Gabe. “Let’s sit down like civilized people and discuss what problems irk you. Then we can get closer to your deepest desires.”

Mike nodded.

Without breaking eye-contact, Kai spoke to Gabe. “Head on without me. I will catch up.” Kai signaled Mike and his friends to follow him. The four punks walked close behind Kai. Gabe noticed the stepped in time.

Gabe’s heart was racing. It nearly burst out of his chest when a hand gripped his shoulder. Walter leaned into him.

“You look even worse than you did an hour ago,” Gabe said.

Walter’s skin was pasty and pale. He was shaking and sweaty. “That doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Help me out.”

“Needing my help a lot recently, I see. Maybe I should start charging you.”

“I don’t even have the strength to banter. Help me home?”

Gabe nodded. He let Walter use him as support. Immediately, Walter put his full weight on Gabe and nearly pulled them both down. “Good god. If you’re so sick, why did you even come to school?”

“I was fine this morning. I felt a bit ooky, but it was nothing. Ever since I got to the school, I’ve felt like my strength had been draining. I feel like… something is feeding on me.”

Gabe bit his bottom lip. He tightened his grip on Walter and started to walk. “Your car is out front, right?”

“Yeah. In the teacher’s lot.”

Gabe rolled his eyes. “Walt… I know you don’t believe me, or rather you don’t want to believe me… but I think we summoned Kai.”

“Who’s Kai?”

“The new guy.”

“Your gay friend?”

Gabe let Walter fall on his face. “Whoops. Lost my grip.”


“I’m serious though.” Gabe helped Walter back to his feet. “Kai isn’t human.”

They came to a halt as Blackrose emerged from a corner. Her eyes lit up when she saw Gabe. “Hey! I was just looking for you.”

Gabe gave a little half-smile. “Hey, Blackrose.”

“I saw your friend… uh… Kai, walking with some guys toward the basement.”

Gabe’s smile faded. “Then let’s leave them be.”

“Don’t you want to see what he’s all about?”

“I’d rather not be involved with him at all.”

“Then this is your chance.” Blackrose rested her hand on his shoulder. “The more you know about him, the better chance you have at getting rid of him.”

“Why are you so concerned with the new guy?” Walter coughed.

Blackrose looked taken-aback, almost like she just noticed Walter. “I get bad vibes from him. The sooner he’s out of here, the better we all will be.”

“I don’t know…” Gabe turned glanced at Walter, who started to look like a corpse.

“Well, I’m going. Join me or don’t.” Blackrose turned on her heel and headed to the basement.

Gabe turned his attention to Walter. “What should we do?”

Walter rolled his eyes. “Obviously you two have a thing for each other, for some weird reason. Your dumb butt won’t get another chance like this. And we can get you to shut up about this new guy. Let’s go.”

Gabe assisted Walter down. Blackrose sighed in relief when the two met her at the door.

“Okay, be as quiet as possible. We don’t want him knowing we are here.” Blackrose opened the door.

The three crept through the basement. They could hear Kai’s voice just ahead. The three ducked behind a pile of boxes.

Kai maintained his creepy smile. He caressed Mike’s cheeks, he sniffed the air and exhaled, almost like he was in ecstasy.

“I don’t understand,” Mike asked. “Why can’t I move my body? Or do anything I want to do?”

“There is power in knowing someone’s name. That’s why no one knows my real name. It allows access to the heart.” Kai sniffed Mike. “It allows me to know all of your deepest desires… and fears.”

“What are you talking about?”

“There is nothing better than the smell of fear. That is, except for the filling weight of love. I want your love, Mike.” Kai shifted his attention to the other three. “I want all of your love.”

“You’re a freak.”

“No.” Kai’s grin grew wide. Drool poured from his lips. His teeth grew razor sharp. The four bat wings Gabe saw in his dream sprouted from his back. “I’m an Incubus.”

Lucien Hawke is a writer, artist, and actor from Los Angeles. He is an active member of the writing community. Lucien is a fantasy writer although he does dabble in horror and romance. Lucien's novel series, the ILLIFA Chronicles is undergoing editing and is soon to be released. His manga, Boundaries, has recently been released to the public. Founder of Lucien is a strong advocate for self-improvement and transformation, a path he calls Becoming. Under this mantra, he has started a clothing line within his website. Support Lucien on Patreon and Ko-Fi


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