Developmental Editing – Who it’s for?

You have written your first draft and then taken the time to do a round or two of self-edits. Now, your manuscript is ready for thorough and in-depth editing.

While there are many professional books reviewing services in the market, The Writeaholic promises honest reviews, quick turnaround times, and a very affordable rate. The idea is to make the service available for self-published and indie authors.

Price: $2.00 per page (Page count based on your manuscript)

What you get

1. An In-Depth Edit of your Manuscript

I’ll read your manuscript and edit it thoroughly focusing on the overall structure and content of your manuscript addressing the following:

  • Sentence Phrasing
  • Consistency in Tone
  • Pacing
  • Plotting and Plot Holes
  • Character Development and Consistency
  • Setting and Worldbuilding Efficiency
  • Substantive edits marked in the document
  • Feedback on the overall big picture of your book.

2. A Full Editorial Report

In response to the check, you will receive a full editorial report in which I’ll record my feedback on your story and the overall content as mentioned above.

The report will NOT include comments about grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. If you are specifically looking for Line and Copy Editing, Please click HERE.

Interested in booking the service? Please select the appropriate option below to pay:

If you are looking for a package service for both Copy and Development Editing, please use the contact button below and include “Editing Package” in your message.