Proofreading – who is it for?

If your book has already been through previous rounds of copy editing, then this service is for you. This is a quality-control check before you publish.

A proofread is the final clean-up that looks out for any problems that may have slipped through previous rounds of editing and formatting. It’s the last line of defense before you publish.

If your book has not been through previous rounds of professional editing, this service probably isn’t for you.

Price: US$0.0025 per word (Total Word count is based on your Manuscript)*

What you get

1. A Full Word-by-word Check

I’ll proofread your book line by line and fix any remaining red flags that could distract your reader. The focus will be on the following:​

  • Consistent hyphenation and capitalization
  • Dialogue punctuation
  • Highlighting of stacked hyphens
  • Pagination and chapter sequencing
  • Paragraph and section breaks
  • Removal of extraneous letter and line spaces
  • Standard and consistent spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Standard paragraph indentation
  • Widows, orphans, and short lines

​2. A Full Report

In response to the check, you will receive a full report in which I’ll record decisions about hyphenation, numbering, capitalization, spelling, punctuation style, and idiom usage.

*Price = $0.0025 per word (Total Word count used to charge is based on your Manuscript).
Example – A manuscript with 50,000 words will cost $125 (50,000*0.0025)
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