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Rashmi is a single mother to the most amazing teenβ€”her biggest fan and critic. As a multi-genre author, she is published in multiple anthology books and online literary magazines. She is a dedicated editor focusing on Developmental and Copy Edits for authors writing in the fantasy, science fiction, thriller, and romance genres.

As an author, Rashmi has multiple writing projects in the works at different stages of completion. She is currently working on publishing her debut full length novel. A list of her published anthologies and upcoming books can be found here.

Rashmi is an IT Project Manager by profession, but an author/editor by passion. She is a survivor and strong advocate for women’s rights. In her life’s journey, she has been to various places on our beautiful planet. In short, she is a global citizen, who finally settled down on the beautiful east coast of the USA.

Although, Rashmi has been writing from the time she learned to read and write, she found her calling as a serious writer after she took a few creative writing classes both online and on-campus with the idea of refining her writing skills in preparation for her first time participating in NaNoWriMo.

In her free time, Rashmi loves to spend time catching up on her favorite marvel movies and shows on the various streaming channels. During summers she enjoys the outdoors camping and/or hiking the trails of Virginia with her son.

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Best, Rashmi P. Menon (Confessions of a Writeaholic)

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