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An Interview and A Giveaway – Author DB Carter

A very happy new year to my wonderful followers. I hope you all had a good time over the holidays and a beautiful beginning to the new year. I took a long break from work, it was relaxing and much needed. Well…all good things come to an end, so did my vacation or as I called it a staycation. It’s already February, can you believe it? I am not complaining though, ‘coz that means I am finally back to my writing schedule and that’s a good thing!

As part of the new features for my blog, I have been doing interviews with published authors and literary agents. For this month’s interview, I spoke to author DB Carter. When I say spoke to, I actually mean, spoke! DB was kind enough to give me time for an audio interview. An audio interview is a FIRST for my blog, so I am super excited to share this with you.

DB Carter is a published author from rural Devon, England. The son of two nomadic artists, he grew up in a world of creativity, studying painting techniques under his parents’ tutelage. In his 20s, he went to university and followed a career in science and later commerce, running his own business for twenty years.
A lifelong bibliophile, he is firm of the opinion that there is no such thing as too many books, only insufficient shelf space; it was his love of classical literature, of Dickens and Brontë, that led to the creation of his debut novel “The Cherries: Faith, Hope, Happiness. Does She Dare?” (Look out for CW’s review of The Cherries – Coming Soon!)

DB Carter has recently released another book titled “The Wild Roses: Betrayal. Corruption. Obsession. Is there a way out? and a novella titled “Ups and Downs: Is it too late for love?” These books are all available in the Kindle Store.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the author’s interview.

Make sure you stick around until the end of the interview for a chance to win a free copy of The Wild Roses.

Listen to the easy question asked at the end of the interview and drop your answer in the contact form below to win the prize.

Good Luck!

Click on the play button to start listening!

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I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. Please follow DB Carter on social media on Twitter, Instagram, and his Goodreads page if you would like to keep updated with his latest projects.

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  • parkermccoy

    Wow, it’s nice to put voices with these great names and faces from Twitter. Haha. Journeys are very fun to read and often times, I find, that they are very enlightening and you end up feeling like you’ve grown with the characters by the end. That must have been cool to have grown up with such creative parents as well. My Dad would often make up characters and draw them and my brother and I would take after him. I just never grew up. Haha. Sorry for your losses, too, DB. I will say that loss does seem to inspire us and it’s weird how that works. I’ve never heard anyone say “make a cry” either. Perhaps that’s a British saying? Pretty cool and a new one to me. Haha. You know, I never thought of Hitchcock’s work as romantic but looking back, he did include a good deal of that in most of his films. That’s a great insight, DB which is no surprise coming from you, sir. Excellent interview on both sides here. Great job, DB! Great job, Rashmi! I enjoyed it a lot!!!

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