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Book Review – The Beloved Fire by Chelsii Klein

I was given the ARC of The Beloved Fire by Chelsii Klein in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed reading the book and writing the Book Review of The Beloved Fire.

The Beloved Fire tells the story of Mikayla and her relationship with the supernatural. The base of the story stems from a challenge between the Angels and Demons of Heaven and Hell, respectively, and how Mikayla becomes a part of that challenge due to her previously unknown connections to the supernatural. Chelsii Klein did a marvelous job building the world of the Purgatory with its mansion, hallways, and the doorways that lead to various locations in Hell. I also enjoyed this fresh take on the supernatural genre and also how the author managed to bring in elements of romance and horror in equal measures.

The book begins by introducing Mikayla as a confused 21-year-old girl looking for a good time at a party, while her overprotective best friend Ander tries to stop her. In the blink of an eye, Mikayla’s world is turned upside down and she wakes up in “Hell” literally and figuratively. Slowly, Mikayla meets the various characters who have been watching her for her whole life. She learns of the “true nature” of her blood and about the immortals who are invested in her life. In this new world, Mikayla meets the Dream Walker, Blake, with whom she seems to have past history. However, she is confused about her feelings for Blake, as his brother, James, whom she had met earlier at the party, holds some sort of a tug at her heartstrings. As events unfold, Mikayla tries to come to terms with her reality of her being in literal Hell as well as her newfound powers. When she meets Anock, the Prince of Hell, to whom she is apparently betrothed, she realizes that she is only a pawn in a game between the higher authorities of Heaven and Hell.

Mikayla is an interesting character who comes across as any normal young girl of this century. When she is suddenly thrown into a series of frightening challenges she reacts accordingly. While the author has tried to write Mikayla as a strong character, she seems to wait around for the alpha-male characters like Blake, Ander, and James to come to save her. I would’ve liked to see her taking things into her own hands sooner than having to wait until the very near end to see that happening. It may be because this is the first of a series, but there was hardly any scope for character development. However, the pacing of the novel makes up for that by taking the story through an interesting journey towards the beginning of a series. I say this because at the end of the book you are left with some questions that you know will have to be answered in the upcoming books. The Beloved Fire sets the stage perfectly as the first installment for a series.

For a debut novel, Chelsii Klein has done The Beloved Fire justice. The story and the characters are intriguing as is the fantastic world of the Purgatory set between Heaven and Hell. The writing has potential for improvement and the author could do well working with an editor. Overall, this book is a good read for all those who enjoy the paranormal romance/fantasy genre.

The Beloved Fire is currently available on Kindle Unlimited for Free. Click HERE to grab a copy. You can also follow Chelsii Klein on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or Join Her Spoiler Group to stay updated on Books 2 and 3 of The Beloved Series.

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