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Lighting Up With Lights!

I enjoy all posts by Megan of The Momhood, especially of the amazing photographs she shares. One post that I diligently follow is The Prompt Stomp. She comes up with absolutely brilliant prompts and also gives us a choice on the kind of post we wish to do. We can either post photos, or write a story or share an experience.

This week she chose a very apt prompt: “Lights“, considering the festive season, I wouldn’t blame her for choosing that prompt! 😀

However, the specialty of the Week 9 prompt stomp is that it especially calls out to the photographers to post their pictures that encompass’ the prompt. Now you, my followers, have probably noticed that I never take part in any of the photo challenges. That’s merely because, I never have my camera in hand for that perfect shot. Most of the pictures I shoot are from my cell phone camera and I don’t find it good enough to be shared on a challenge. Let’s just say that it’s my crazy perfectionism that hinders me from doing so.

But this time, I locked up that perfectionism in a bottle and decided to share these wonderful pictures, which have many memories associated with it. I believe they fall well into the prompt – lights!

The first picture I want to share is this one I captured of a beautiful rainbow that showed up on a particularly gloomy day. The sight and the light from that rainbow really helped raise my spirits! Isn’t that an amazing sight? What do you think?

Rainbow lights
Image © Mind and Life Matters

The DC Waterfront is an amazing location and this picture will tell you why! 😀

dc waterfront
Image © Mind and Life Matters

Snow has its own beauty, but to see your street covered in snow early in the morning, beautifully lit up by the street lamps, is an incredible sight indeed!

Image © Mind and Life Matters

Sunset has always been a favorite scene I wish to shoot, the first shot was taken in the Desert in Dubai and the second one is by the Siloso Beach in Sentosa, Singapore! Two of my favorite tourist locations! 🙂

sunset by the sand
Image © Mind and Life Matters

Sunset in beach lights
Image © Mind and Life Matters

This picture was clicked when I was on a trip to Turkey. It is the Basilica Cistern, the largest of several hundred ancient underground cisterns that lie beneath the beautiful city of Istanbul, Turkey. A must visit location!

basilica cistern
Image © Mind and Life Matters

It is impossible to talk about lights and not post pictures of the amazing shots of lanterns in a souk in Dubai – the place where I grew up!

souk al bahar
Image © Mind and Life Matters

souk al bahar1
Image © Mind and Life Matters

I rarely get to go on a night out, but on some rarest of rare occasions I get to have a girl’s night out with my friends. On one such occasion we went to this club and they had these amazing laser lights that danced to the music beats!

Image © Mind and Life Matters

Since this is the festive season, it would be criminal to end this post without some festive lighting, right? So here is a picture of the lamps that adorned our ‘Rangoli’ for Diwali (which is actually Festival of Light) and of course the house lit up for Christmas!

Image © Mind and Life Matters

Xmas Lights
Image © Mind and Life Matters

I hope you enjoyed my collection of photos!

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