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Top 10 Reasons All Women Are Awesome!

Today happens to be International Women’s Day. I have been receiving many messages from friends and relatives everywhere wishing me for the day. I personally do not feel that Women need a day to be appreciated but then I think that sometimes having a day to celebrate probably helps people remember why what they are celebrating is special!

So, in light of that celebration, here are the Top 10 reasons why I think Women are Awesome!

Disclaimer: By writing this post, I am in NO WAY implying that Men are not awesome or that Women are better than Men. I am simply writing this to make a whole lot of people who read this and myself feel good!

  1. Women Give Birth


I should probably end my list with this one point. Yea, we women make another human being using our flesh and blood and carry them inside our body!

  1. Women Define Nature and the World


The World, that is, Mother Earth is conceived as feminine. Literally and metaphorically, women define nature and the world.

  1. Women are Born Communicators

women talking

Women are better at communicating and connecting with the people. They use language to get close to people and also to tend to the ones they feel for!

  1. Women have Better Emotional Memory


According to men, women are emotional. Well, I say that it is because women have better emotional intelligence to perceive, understand, use and manage their emotions.

  1. Women always Know Where to Find What


I am sure you have heard of men getting lost in shopping malls and not being able to find what they want. Ever heard of women not knowing where to find anything at all? Yea, I thought so!

  1. Women have the Multi-task Gene


Women are born with a gene that makes them multi-task. Period.

  1. Women are Resilient


Women are resilient because their strength is silent. You will never know how strong a woman is until you have pushed her to her limits!

  1. Women Rock all kinds of Clothes


Women have such variety in the clothing they wear. They even rock menswear sometimes even better than men! 😉

  1. Women Live Longer


Well, it is true. Women live longer than men.

  1. Women are not Afraid of being Vulnerable


Yes, women cry. That means they are not afraid of being vulnerable. They know a few tears can do wonders! 😀

I hope you enjoyed reading my reasons. What would you like to add here?

As mentioned above, this list does not intend to specify that one gender is better than the other!

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