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Top 10 Signs That You Are A Writer!

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I am sure at some point in your writing life you have wondered or may have even been asked when it was that you realized you were born to be a writer. Some writers are able to answer this question instantly while others (like me) seem to draw a blank. For the longest time, I failed to see the telltale signs that I had it in me to become a writer. Most of the times, my response was something like this:

“A Writer? Me? Really?” until I realized, thanks to some really good blogging buddies who came to my rescue, that I am indeed a Writer!

If you are one of those who constantly finds themselves plagued by doubt, then this is a must read list for you!

  1. You Love Words


You love words, word games, anything and everything related to words. If you ever come across a word you do not recognize, then you NEED To find its meaning! Writers are wordsmiths just like you!

  1. You Love Books aka Reading

reading love

You cannot imagine a world without books. To you, the definition of fun is a reading challenge. Loaning a book to someone is really painful because the only thought in your head at the time is “What if they don’t return it?”

  1. You Love Adventure aka Travel


You love to travel, it is adventurous to you. Every opportunity to travel means an opportunity to write about it. Not only do you enjoy writing about your destination, you  also love to write about every facet of your journey from the moment you packed your bags to the moment you got back home!

  1. You are A Born Observer


You observe everyone and everything around you. Your eyes are never in one place. You see so much when you watch snowfall, rain or the clouds descending onto earth and you don’t understand why others can’t see what you do.

  1. You did Rather Write it than Say it


Especially when there is something important that you need to say, you know you are better off writing it rather than trying to say it out loud.

  1. You Love all Kinds of Stationary


You have a stack of journals in almost all colors, you have pens and pencils in all models, shapes and sizes. Your writing desk is filled with post-its and notes with ideas scribbled onto it.

  1. You Create Stories about People You Meet

 writer mug

Every person you meet is a potential character in one of your stories. Your main intention of meeting new people is to create stories about them or give their characteristics to the lead in your next story/book.

  1. You can’t Stop Writing


Yes, you complain about writer’s block every time you hit a road block, yet the moment you start writing words flow like an inexorable torrent of water.

  1. You Listen aka Talk to Yourself


Your mind is constantly talking to you; your head is like a beehive of activity. If nothing, you are always talking to yourself trying to come up with a logical explanation for recent plot twist you introduced!

  1. You recognize good writing


Not only do you recognize good writing, you can’t stand bad writing and find yourself constantly correcting the spelling or grammar or sentence formation when you read something that is poorly written.

So, what do you think? Did you relate to any of the above (quite obvious) signs of being a writer? What else can you add to this list?

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