Confessions of a Writeaholic!

One thing I remember promising my readers when I started my blog was that the output of my blog would never be constant. I remember using the quote “change is the only constant” for this blog. True to my words, I believe the time has come for Mind and Life Matters to evolve and change into something that I have been aiming for forever since my first post. For me, this blog started as a personal journal where I could freely share my journey as a single mother, survivor of an abusive relationship that held me hostage from myself, and how I was trying to grow into my true potential as a woman with dreams, as a mother of a young boy, and as a writer.

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A writer – a title that I took a long time to accept despite the brimming passions for writing that I harbored in the depths of my heart. Maybe it was this passion that somewhere along the way, I decided to add a “Creative Corner” to my personal blog. I used the creative corner title as an excuse to share my short stories and poetry. I, very foolishly, assumed that the “creative corner” would remain in the corner as it is and that would be enough to satiate my needs as a fiction writer. Well, that was only until I participated in NaNoWriMo in 2015 and had a full-fledged draft for a novel. Ever since my drive to become a serious writer and work on becoming a published author became my ambition.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I knew I couldn’t go ahead and publish what I wrote first. I need it to be perfect – at least for me. With that thought in mind, I took time off from my blog to take a few classes and courses to help me understand the basics of writing a novel. In all fairness, I must say that the 2-year break was not entirely for writing courses. I took it because I was working on a Master’s degree at the time. Anyway, when I returned to blogging after my break, I realized that my heart was not into writing for my blog alone. I kept going back to the multiple WIPs I had started, which is currently at different stages of completion. My need to work on my first book’s draft and rewrite it to get it worthy of being considered for publishing kept growing inside of me.

I’m a big believer of doing what your heart desires, and so far, I have stuck to that principle. If I continue to write for this blog staying in the theme, I will be forcing myself every time I write for the blog within its theme. The theme being Mind and Life Matters! This also means that I may produce posts that are not up to the expected quality or standards, and that’s not something I can do to my readers or to myself. This realization has brought me to the decision to rebrand myself and my blog!

If I still have your attention, then I want to go ahead and explain to you everything that is changing and everything that remains as is as a part of the rebranding. The primary purpose of the change will be the creative corner taking precedence over other posts. That being said, the first change that you will notice is the name of the blog. When I thought of new names for the blog, I wanted to include the word “Write” in it, after looking up multiple names to see which ones were available, I finally had a shortlist of 4 titles. I couldn’t decide which one to select, so I turned to the Writing Community on Twitter. I posted a poll, and this is how it went!

As you see, there was a clear winner. What do you think? The new name of this blog will be:


Is that great or what? I am truly excited. I love the new name and the plans I have for this blog. This does not mean that I am not going to post about my life, single parenthood, or the other topics that I generally write about. I will continue to do that, only difference, they will be categorized under the Mind and Life Matters section.

The Top 10 Tuesday’s feature will continue as a monthly feature. I will not be posting it weekly, but once a month I will post a Top 10 Tuesday’s post with random topics.

I used to enjoy hosting the Limerick Poetry Challenge, it was a lot of fun. As much as I loved it, I am not sure if I should start that again or if I should do a micro-fiction or short story contest with prompt words? This is where I turn to you, I need help deciding. Please make a selection from the poll below on what you’d prefer in terms of a bi-weekly challenge.

Of course, before I go, I must mention that you will notice that along with the blog name, the URL will also change. It will go from to For the next few months, you will be auto-directed to even if you enter, but after that, you will have to enter the new blog URL to reach me. Those of you following me on WordPress will not have to worry about making any changes, you just need to remember that the new blog you see is the same old me and not hit the Unsubscribe button!

I hope you decide to join me along on this new journey and enjoy reading the posts I have for you going forward.

A Single Mother with an unbreakable passion to Live the Life! I am a Writer/Author by passion and an IT Project Manager by profession. I am also the voice of Artemis at In The Pantheon - a multi-author collaborative writing project. When not hunting as Artemis, I am busy querying agents and working on my multiple writing projects. Women Empowerment and Child Rights Advocate.


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