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I Will Not Let You Go!

[This story is the 4th part of a continuing tale. Click on the links to find the Part 1 titled One Summer Day , Part 2 titled That First Meeting  and Part 3 titled Those Were the Days].

Anna looked at her cellphone and noticed the time, it blinked 5.15 p.m. Her thoughts went back to the home she had left behind. Dave would be home now!

She wondered if he had realized she left. Of course, by now he would have figured it out, she had left the house in a mess with the everything carelessly thrown about. She had even left the safe deposit box open on the bed with all the money, jewelry and documents strewn over the bed!

Anna felt a cold bead of sweat run down her body as she imagined Dave’s reaction to her absence!


As Dave parked the car into the garage, he noticed that Anna’s car was missing. It frustrated him when she was not at home when he returned from work!

Why hasn’t she called me yet? My instructions were explicit; she was supposed to call me after the doc appointment!  Dave thought as he stepped out of the car. He walked into the house and looked around. Picking up his cell phone he dialed Anna’s number, he waited for her to answer the call but it went straight to voicemail.

“Annie, call me!” Dave barked into the phone and disconnected.

“Where the hell is she?” Dave said out aloud. Maybe she was still at the doctor’s, he thought. If that be the case, he will have to call the doctor’s office and find out why the appointment was taking so long!

Dave searched for the telephone number for the Pediatricians office and then dialed it. The receptionist answered the phone.

“Hi, this is Dave Williams. My son had an appointment this afternoon. Could you let me know what time the appointment is?” he asked trying to sound as calm as possible.

“Hello Mr. Williams. I will have to look it up in our system. Could you please give me the first and last name of the patient?” she replied

“First name – Joshua and last name – Williams”

“Ok, give me a minute, please” she said

Dave heard her typing into the keyboard while he waited for her response.

“Umm…I am afraid you are mistaken Mr. Williams” she replied after what seemed like hours.

“How so?” he asked trying not to sound upset or surprised.

“Well, according to the appointments calendar, Joshua does not have an appointment for today or any other day this week.”

“Oh, I see!”

“Would you like me to book an appointment for Joshua for tomorrow? We have a 2 ‘o’ clock and a 4 ‘o’ clock still open” she asked

“Umm…no, thank you! I will call you back if I need another appointment” he said and hung up the phone.

The conversation left him in a confused state of mind. Dave was now starting to get suspicious, there was something amiss here.

He walked into the bedroom and stopped as if in shock at the state of the room. The room was in a huge mess! There were clothes, jewelry and documents tossed all over the bed and the floor. And then, he noticed the safe deposit box left open on the bed. His first thought was if they had been robbed. But the front door was locked and there was no sign of burglary anywhere else in the house. He rushed to the bed and looked at the open safe, the documents and money were thrown onto the bed. And along with them was his passport. He picked up his passport and looked at it, that was when he realized that there were 2 passports missing – Anna’s and Josh’s!

Dave could feel a burning revulsion well up inside of him. His face turned red and he could feel the warmth of it.

This cannot be true! He thought to himself.

She cannot leave me; she should not leave me! He said out aloud!

Dave felt a myriad of emotions going through him. He felt hurt, betrayed, annoyed, manipulated and angry all at once.

How could he have been so foolish? Obviously, she was planning this for a long time! Why did he not notice it? How could he have been so blind? Why did she want to leave? There were a million questions in his mind but he was unable to find answers to any of them.

“No, Anna – you cannot do this to me! I will not allow you to do this to us!” Dave said through clenched teeth.

The only thing that he understood from this was that she had deceived him, she – the one whom he loved with all his heart – had deceived him, betrayed him!

And now she would have to pay for it!

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