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Limerick Challenge Week 52: The End

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderfully festive time with your family and friends. This is the last week of the year 2016, can you believe it? I certainly cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by, the New Year is almost upon us! And we are ready for it, are we not? 😀

While this is the last week of the year 2016, this will also be the last week of the limerick challenges hosted on Mind and Life Matters. The Limerick Challenge had an amazing year and a half run since it started in late 2015, but I believe it is now time to move on. Thus, I will not be continuing the challenge into 2017.

I hope I have not disappointed my lovely participants by deciding to end the challenge here. Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

If you have not already done so, click here to read the submissions from Week 50.

The limerick superstar of this week………….*drumrolls please*  Frank of Poetry, Short Prose and Walking with the limerick below.


Congratulations, Frank – the Limerick Superstar of the week!

­­­­­­­­­I was blown away by the limericks from Magarisa of Becoming Unstuck and Prakash of It’s PH.
I also found the limericks by Aishwarya of Captured by Aishwarya and Indira of Indira’s Blog very interesting!

Now that the Top 5 limericks have been announced, let us move on to the Week 52 Challenge.

The prompt for week 50 is “The End”. Write a limerick about an ending! Anything that is ending – a play, a novel, a story, a relationship, the year – anything that comes to your mind. I think this prompt is the apt way to end this incredible challenge.

I am excited to read the limericks for the final week of the challenge!

For those who are new to the challenge, here are the rules:

  1. Each week, a prompt theme will be provided and participants are to use this prompt as a base for their limericks.
  2. This challenge will run from Saturday to Friday, and you may link up your Limerick anytime during these specific days.
  3. All Limericks for Week 52 Challenge are due in latest by 5 PM EST on Friday, December 30, 2016.
  4. After the deadline, the link-up button will not accept any more submissions.
  5. Please tag your Limerick with Limerick Poetry Challenge so that others interested can check out your Limerick.
  6. Please remember to pingback to this post on your Limerick Post and to also link it up using the InLinkz (Blue Froggy) button.
  7. For Photo Prompts, remember to use the photo in your post and to attribute the source.
  8. This week we shall continue our donation to the Food Pantry in the name of the Winner who receives the ‘Limerick Superstar’ badge.
  9. Receiving this badge means that not only are you a Limerick Superstar, you helped feed one hungry person! The winners can choose to display the badge on their blogs!
  10. If you are interested in participating in this challenge, please follow this blog site to receive instant email notifications of the post with the Word prompts for each week.

Finally, here’s my take on the prompt:

The year of twenty sixteen

People say has been

The year for all to transcend

When good things come to an end

Until we begin again in twenty seventeen!

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