Short Stories

Open The Door!


Stacy had to think quickly, she knew the boat was going to capsize. There was no way that this boat could wither a storm so strong. What was she thinking coming on this boat ride? And she was foolish enough to drag her daughter in too. The poor girl wanted to stay back at home. It was Stacy’s idea of taking a boat ride.

But the weather seemed fine this morning, it was bright and sunny! The forecast said the skies would be clear for the rest of the day. There was not even a warning of a storm.

How did the weather change so quickly? She thought nervously. Ahh…what was the point of thinking about it now!

The boat was going to capsize and she had to do something! She quickly had Emma, her daughter, put on a life jacket as did she. The least they could do was have their life jackets on. She moved to the radio room to signal for help.

Why wasn’t anyone responding? Stacy thought, her panic rising!

Just as she was going to try again, Stacy heard Emma calling out to her. Stacy rushed to the deck and as she reached for her daughter a huge wave washed over the boat capsizing it.

The force of the wave threw Stacy and her daughter into the water. The life jacket kept them afloat but the waves kept taking them further away from the boat. She tried her best not to panic, she had to look calm for Emma’s sake. But she was scared, frightened about their fate.

Did the radio signal go through? Did anyone pick up the message? Would anyone ever come in search of them? There were a million thoughts going through her stricken mind!

Suddenly she felt a suction, as if a filter had been turned on and the sea was pulling her into its depths. She screamed out to Emma asking her to try to swim away from her. But the little girl wouldn’t listen, instead, she swam closer to her. Stacy knew that there was no escape, they were both going to drown! The life jacket was of no help in such pressure!

All Stacy wanted was to push Emma out from the vortex out of its pull so that Emma could remain afloat until help arrived! But the little girl didn’t let go of her mommy!

It was getting harder and harder to swim out of the whirlpool, Stacy was beginning to lose control and she couldn’t stay afloat anymore. She felt herself being pulled into the water along with Emma who was holding onto to her. Stacy closed her eyes, she didn’t want to see Emma struggling!

Just as their bodies were beginning to descent into the depths of the ocean, Stacy felt a bright light shining on her face forcing her to open her eyes. What Stacy saw astounded her!

This is impossible! She told herself.

They were descending into another world….a world underwater. What she saw was beyond belief! There were people, normal people just like her who were breathing, swimming and frolicking in this world.

They are alive! How is that even possible?

Stacy could feel the suffocation rising and she was starting to struggle!

Where is Emma? Why can’t she see Emma?

Just as she started to panic, one of the older women from the underwater world approached her and started talking to her!

“You need to relax!” she told her

“You too can breathe in here! Just like the rest of us”, she continued

“Look at Emma, she is breathing fine!” she said and pointed to Emma who was breathing normally and seemed relaxed like she was home!

“But, how…?” Stacy asked…Wait, how is she able to talk under water…Stacy was confused!

“Like I told you before, you need to relax, my dear!” the old woman said

“You need to open the “Door” to this world! And to do that, you will need to open your mind and open your heart! You will be just fine!” she said and swam away!

Suddenly Stacy heard the loud buzzing of the alarm on her bedside table. She woke up with a start and sat up on her bed with her heart pounding against her chest. She looked to the right and saw Emma sleeping peacefully and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Wow…that was a strange dream!” Stacy said out loud

“Hmmmm……Open your mind and open your heart to open the door to this world?!” Stacy murmured as she got up to start yet another day.


Author Notes:

What is it that comes to your mind when you think about doors? Doors opening or doors shutting? For me doors are a metaphor to a world of opportunities. When I read the prompt “DOOR” from The Momhood’s Prompt Stomp, the first thing that came to my mind was this very strange yet meaningful dream I had. I knew the moment I read the prompt that this was the story I wanted to tell.

A Single Mother with an unbreakable passion to Live the Life! I am a Writer/Author by passion and an IT Project Manager by profession. I am also the voice of Artemis at In The Pantheon - a multi-author collaborative writing project. When not hunting as Artemis, I am busy querying agents and working on my multiple writing projects. Women Empowerment and Child Rights Advocate.


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