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A Spark For Life!

[This story is the 9th and second to last part of the One Summer Day Series. Click HERE to find the Parts 1 – 8 of this tale or HERE to read a brief of the story so far]. 

Anna heard Jim calling out to her from outside the door. It was time to go, time to meet Dave – again! For some reason she felt calm, she did not panic or worry about Dave’s reaction. All she cared about at the moment was the life of her little boy, to see if there was a way to save Josh if only she could reason with Jim so that she could leave Josh with her parents!

“Come on now, pick up the kid and come out!” Jim barked at her from the door.

She glared at him before picking up her little boy, his baby bag and walked towards the door. Jim returned her stare and wondered why she had that look in her eyes. Her eyes rendered icy daggers instead of the fear that had normally occupied them. He would’ve speculated on the possibilities that caused the change if he had more time, however, at the moment he had a lot of work ahead of him, so he didn’t let it bother him.


Dave reached the warehouse ahead of the schedule. He looked again at the message from Jim that said he was on his way to the warehouse with Anna and Josh. Dave knew that josh was the ticket to make Anna dance to his tunes, but what was his plan? What did he want to do? He knew that he wanted Anna to suffer, to feel the pain she had given him by running away, but how could he make her endure his level of suffering? Clearly, she did not love him the way he loved her!

Of course, the answer was Josh! She was madly in love with her baby, touch him and she did scream in pain! What if she had to watch him go away for good from her life? That would kill her!

No! He wouldn’t let her die, not so soon! That would be letting her off too easy. She had to live, live and feel the pain. Only then would she understand how it felt, only then would she feel what he has been feeling!


“John, do something!” Liz cried out to her husband in desperation.

“Surely, there should be something you can do! We can’t stay locked in this room forever,” Liz said to her husband.

“Honey, you know he has a gun! We don’t want him using that! Not when Ninnie and Josh’s lives are at stake!” her husband replied miserably.

“Oh God! Please, please help our daughter! Only a miracle can save her and Josh now!” Liz said as fresh tears sought her cheeks.


“Let’s go, Jim! I am ready,” Anna said. There was an eerie calmness to her demeanor that Jim instantly disliked. Well, all he had to do was deliver Anna and the annoying kid to Dave. He would just collect his payment from Dave as discussed and leave, what Dave did with them was not his problem!

“If money is what you are after, I can help,” Jim’s thoughts were interrupted by Anna’s words.


“Jim, if you are doing this for the money, I can pay you. Let us go and I will make sure you get paid. Just name your price,” she said.

“Shut up!” Jim barked.

Although Jim counted Dave as his buddy and would do anything for him he had agreed to do this for the extra cash. Dave had promised him some money and Jim needed the money much more than he liked to admit! He wouldn’t be able to put off paying the casino anymore. There were relentlessly in his pursuit, following him everywhere demanding the payment, and the last few times his encounter with them was not very pleasant. Jim shuddered at the memory of those encounters!

“You really think Dave is going to pay you and let you walk away?” Anna asked as though reading his thoughts.

“Whatever he does to us, you will be the one witness! You think he is going to let you go after that? You are a fool to think he will!” she pressed.

“Dave would never do anything to me, he knows better than that,” Jim replied through gritted teeth.

“Are you sure, Jim? Are you really sure of that? Think about it. Dave knows that you are the only one with information to his deeds. He knows that you need the money and he also knows why you need the money!” Anna added a dramatic pause emphasizing on the fact that Dave knew of his troubles with the thugs from the casino.

“He wouldn’t want you or anyone else on his back. Think about it, Jim!” She prodded.

“If you don’t shut that trap right now, I will have to deliver your dead body to Dave, so it’s in your best interest to keep quiet now!” Jim retorted.

Anna remained quiet for the rest of the journey knowing well that she had laid a spark into Jim’s mind. The rage in his response was a witness to the turmoil going on in his mind.


“You’re late! What took you so long?” Dave said as he glared at Jim. Jim did not like it when Dave ordered him around, he stared back at Dave and said “Well, I delivered your package! Now, keep your share of the bargain and let me be off!”

“Hello Anna, We meet again!” said Dave, ignoring Jim’s response, when he saw Anna walking in holding onto Josh tightly. Anna noticed the coldness in Dave’s voice along with the fact that Dave had addressed her as Anna. She knew he was prepared, but so was she.

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