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Never Again!

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She was the first girl born into a large family of boys. She is loved and pampered by everyone in the family, the apple of their eyes! Her parent’s favorite child, her brothers’ favorite sibling and the most favored grandchild. She celebrated love! Until….


High school was amazing, she felt like a grown up. Away from the pampering family she felt different but alive.  As one of the ‘popular’ kids she had a large group of friends! There was nothing in the world that she did not have, until that day when she saw him. The moment she laid eyes on him, she knew he was the one. All she wanted was to be with him, to feel his presence! He was the one and she wanted to let him know that. But every time he was near, words seemed to fail her. All she could do was stare into his big brown eyes. The only other person who knew about her feelings for him was her best friend.

One fine day she decided to let him know how she felt, he didn’t seem to notice her feelings for him. So she mustered up the courage and walked up to him, but all she could say was “Hi……!” and then she stood there mesmerized staring into his eyes! He waited for her to speak, she continued to stare and he walks away!

Next day, she sees him again, but this time he is not alone. Holding hands, they walk together admiring each other. It was him and her best friend! Heart broken, she turns and walks away. Tears streaming down her face she promised herself….never again!

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College was great, she was discovering herself and was a part of every activity! She was Student Council Member, President of the Literary Club, Member of the College Dance and Drama Team. She felt accomplished! She was doing so much!

Then one day a handsome young man walks into class, she looks up from her desk. She feels that strange pull in her heart. She does not want to feel that way. “Who is this person who just walked into class?” she wonders. He walks into the center of the class and introduces himself “Good morning class, I am the new Guest Lecturer and I will be replacing your professor for this semester.

For days, she tries really hard to suppress that strange feeling in her heart, but it keeps knocking her down, getting stronger each time! Unable to bear it anymore she walks up to him after class, this time with enough courage to speak her heart! Before she can say anything, he says “I know what you want to say, I see it in your eyes! But the fact is that you are my student and I can never let you be anything more than that!” Heartbroken she turns and walks away. Tears streaming down her face she promised herself….never again!

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She is a successful professional busy living her fast paced life. There is only one thing on her mind and that is her dream job at the very top! Today, her boss introduced her to the Manager for their newest business segment. They shook hands and talked business rest of the day. She noticed his brooding eyes, it was serenely divine! She thought she felt the sparks fly, but more from him than her! Did she read him right, or was she imagining it? She pulls herself together reminding herself of her goal. That is what is important and that is what she will focus on!

Then one day, he walks up to her wearing his charming smile looking divine, he gazes into her eyes and says those magical words that she desirously waited to hear. She looks down into her hands at the confirmation letter. She had just accepted the position to head the company’s new segment in the East. The position she had been vying for all those years! “I am sorry but this is not going to work!” she hears herself speak out. Heartbroken he turns and walks away! She clutches the letter tighter in her hands. Tears streaming down her face she promised herself….never again!

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Written in response to the Day 13 Assignment of Writing 101: A Series of Vignettes!

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