Short Stories

The Way Forward

[This story is the 5th part of a continuing tale. Click HERE to find the Parts 1 – 4 of this tale].

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Anna woke up with a jolt when she heard him crying. Realizing that she had fallen asleep, she quickly got up to check on Josh. He was awake, sitting up in the bassinet and crying, holding his arms out to her. Anna picked him up and sensed that Josh needed a change of diapers. She walked into the small airplane toilet to change him. It was not easy changing diapers in-flight in the crammed space. Returning to her seat, she got busy feeding Josh. Afterwards, she put him back in the bassinet and handed him his favorite police car to play with. A content Josh got busy playing with his little toy.

Anna looked at her watch and let out a deep sigh, it had been over 8 hours since they were on board. She knew that in another 6 hours they would land in JFK. She pulled out her wallet from her handbag and looked into it, there was enough cash to last for a couple of months. She knew that she could not use her card, Dave would easily track her if she did. Anna, then took a notebook out from her hand-carry and turned to the page where she had noted down the names and address of hotels not too far from the airport. She decided it was best to check into a hotel for a couple of days. That would give her enough time to come up with a plan. She had chosen to land in JFK in New York City instead of the airport in her hometown in Chicago, Illinois.

Knowing Dave as well as she did, she was sure that he would soon be on her trial and the first place he would visit is her parent’s home in Chicago. But, even if Dave did figure out by now that she was on her way to her parent’s, it would be a while before he could follow her there. She was aware that the next direct flight to Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airport was only in 2 days, and the earliest flight to New York was the next day. Enough head start for her to go to Chicago, meet her parents and then return to NYC.

Her parents may be shocked to see her; it had been a while since she last saw them or even spoke to them on the phone. She was nervous about meeting them. What would they think about her now? Would they understand her situation and stand by her? Well, there was no point fretting over that now. She would soon find out how they would react to her coming back home. For now, she needed to come up with a plan, a plan to escape coming in contact with Dave ever again, a plan that will provide for a good life for Josh.



Dave paced up and down the length of the room. He was angry, he was hurt. No, he could not let this happen!

Where could she go? He tried to think. Obviously, she is going to visit her parents, but would she go to their house or would she meet them elsewhere? Perhaps, she would think that she has the 14 hours of flying time to her advantage, so she may visit her parents.

In that case, I think I should have a surprise waiting for her. Dave thought

It’s time to call Jim. Dave picked up the phone and dialed the number.

“If this is not an insanely beautiful woman, I am hanging up!” came a croaky sleepy voice on the phone.

“Jim, my man!” said Dave

“Dave? Dave, is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me. Sorry to wake you up buddy. But I need you to do something for me”

“What’s up, man?”

Dave spoke hurriedly giving as many details as he could. Finally, he explained to Jim what it was he needed his help for. Jim listened carefully to the instructions and then said “You sure about this, Dave?”

Dave thought for a moment and then said “Yes! Yes, I am sure! I am not letting her off so easy!”

“OK, I am with you, man. I will be waiting when she shows up at the Browns’ house!”

Dave put the phone down, next he needed flight tickets. But where to? Knowing Anna as he did, he was sure that she would go only to a place she is comfortable and familiar with. So she either took a flight straight to Chicago or….Dave thought long and hard trying to remember which place she must have chosen.

Where was Nessie now, her best friend? Yea, in Boston! Perhaps she went to Boston? Or maybe even New York City, it has to be NYC, Anna is familiar with the city and she has friends there. She would definitely think about NYC.

All he needed to do now to confirm his theory was look up the flight schedules and check with his contact at the immigration office. Dave called in a favor with his contact who confirmed her disembarkation port as NYC. Good thing he keeps them happy, they always come in handy!

Dave, then, powered on his laptop and searched for the next available flight to JFK airport in New York City. He bought the ticket for a flight leaving the next day around noon.

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