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Top 10 Most Awesome Songs from 80's and 90's

I was born in the 80’s and grew up in the 90’s, so obviously I grew up listening to some awesome music and watching totally brilliant music videos. The last week, while I was visiting my parents, I went through my Dad’s collection of music, and ended up listening to some really great songs again and again and again!

The nostalgia of having listened to some of my favorite songs from that era made me want to create this list of Top 10 Songs from the 80’s and 90’s. These are my personal favorites from the golden era of music. I doubt if such good music even exists now! Not trying to debase the music or the pop stars of this age, but seriously nothing beats the music from then.

So, for your enjoyment, here are the top 10 of my all-time favorite songs/music videos.

  1. Thriller – Michael Jackson (1983)

This one had to top my list ‘coz this is my all-time favorite song and music video ever! I was only a couple of months old when this song was released, my mom always tells how I used to get excited every time this song came on the radio and my Dad danced with me! Yep, been a Michael Jackson fan since then!

  1. Every Breath You Take – The Police (1983)

As creepy as the lyrics may sound now, the song and that voice still has me moving! Sting’s earnest ode to creepy obsessive love was beautifully captured in this eerie black and white video!

  1. Papa Don’t Preach – Madonna (1986)

Another one of my all-time songs, much to my Papa’s chagrin 😛 He was never a Madonna fan but I absolutely loved her!

  1. November Rain – Guns N Roses (1991)

A wedding, a funeral, a power packed performance all rolled into one amazing video, only Guns N Roses can pull off a music video of this intensity.

  1. Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams (1985)

Bryan Adams is coming to Virginia and I am definitely going for this concert! Now, if only September came a little sooner. I love almost all his songs, but I am going just for the ‘Summer of 69’ and ‘Everything I Do’ 😀

  1. Careless Whisper – George Michael (1984)

Anyone who is a hopeless romantic like I am will surely fall in love with this song! And that video, wow…just look at him! *drool*

  1. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go – Wham! (1984)

This was not only on an awesome song by this duo, the all-white video is simply awesome. And of course, it gave us George Michael! 😀

  1. Hit Me Baby One More Time – Britney Spears (1998)

You have got to agree with me when I say that the song and music video that launched Britney Spears was abso-fricking-lutely awesome! I was in love with this song for the longest time!

  1. That Don’t Impress Me Much – Shania Twain (1998)

This song was released when I had just turned abut 15 and I was in the ‘rebel’ mode and nothing in this world impressed me! I think the sarcasm in the song and video is what I loved the most! 😀 Of course, this was one of the songs on repeat in my playlist!

  1. Who Do You Think You Are – Spice Girls (1996)

Come on, it’s girl power! The anthem my girls and I went by in Middle School! And just for that, this song has to be part of my list! 😀

I hope you enjoyed my list of songs from the 80’s and 90’s. What about you, have any favorites? Share them in the comments, I would love to know!

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