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Top 10 Tips To Survive A Relationship With A Writer!

Recently my friend, the very own Wandering Soul, Piyusha shared an article on her Facebook page which gave some advice on how to survive a relationship with a partner who is a writer. That got me thinking and I wondered why not share it here with all you writers across this platform.

This post would be a good opportunity for you to subtly let your better half know of all that is required for them to survive a relationship with you writers!

We are not asking for much when we say this, are we? Well then without any further ado, here are the Top 10 tips to survive a relationship with a writer partner.

  1. Never ever ask when the book will be published!

Yes, this is number 1 on the list for a reason people! You never ask the writer when the book will be published or why it is taking them so long to finish writing them!

  1. Do not ask a writer if they wish they had written the latest best-seller!

Oh, you definitely do not want to open this can of worms! Never ever ask them that!

  1. Never tell them that you are also thinking of writing a book!

And never ever tell them that you did write the book already had you enough time! Uh uh, not cool!

  1. Don’t call the Police if you happen upon their browsing history!

The average writer is not trying to poison you, hire a hitman, or move to Afghanistan. This is simply research for their next masterpiece.

  1. Leave the writer alone when they are actually writing!

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get into the zone, let alone create magic with words? Being a wordsmith alone is not enough, people!

  1. Do not pick unfair fights with a writer!

Writers get their revenge in print, so unless you are ready to become that immortal villainous character that readers love to hate, do not pick unfair fights with them!

  1. If you do really want to fight, then make it memorable!

That is memorable enough for them to want to write about it. Memorable enough to make them want to weave their next story around it. Writers are always looking for new material!

  1. If your writer wanders off at a party, don’t panic!

Writers love to observe everything around them making mental notes about everything they see and they also love to inspect the host’s bookshelves and medicine cabinets.

  1. Buy your writer notebooks and stationery as gifts!

Writers love all kinds of stationery so that obviously makes for a good gift. Do not buy flowers. Chocolate, however, is acceptable.

  1. Leave your writer alone when a rejection letter arrives!

This one is very important too! Leave your writer alone after a rejection letter arrives. After the deadly silence, screaming, kicking, crying, moaning and muttering have subsided, offer them a cup of coffee or green tea. Maybe a cupcake and a hug too!

I hope you enjoyed the list of tips. Would you like to add any tips to this list? Let me know in the comments below!


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