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Top 10 Tuesdays: A Roundup

It’s Tuesday! What’s special about Tuesdays? The Top 10 Tuesdays feature of course!
And what’s super special about this week’s Top 10 Tuesdays? Well, this Tuesday happens to be the last Tuesday of the year 2015! So, I decided that for the Top 10 this week, I shall do a roundup of my blog posts from the year 2015. Not like I had any posts prior to that, I started blogging here only by end of July 2015 and have published 90 posts (including this one) so far.

For my list this time, I have split the Top 10 into Top 5 most special posts and Top 5 Most popular posts. Most special as in those posts that are most special or close to my heart and most popular in terms of the WP statistics – as in most number of views, likes and comments!
I am including a small excerpt from each post to make for easier reading. Hope you enjoy the roundup of my Top 10 posts!

Top 5 Most Special Posts of Mind and Life Matters

These are the Top 5 posts that are closest to my heart for a variety of reasons. I have mentioned the reason and also shared an excerpt from the posts. Happy reading!

  1. I Like You the Most in this World!

“Mom, I like you the most in the whole wide world!”

I don’t think I have to explain why this post is the closest to my heart. The above excerpt says it all!

  1. Gender Equality Matters To Me Because………..!

“Gender Equality is more than a Goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.”

This post is special because it talks about a cause that I support and is very important to me!

  1. Because….Love! (Fiction)

Her assistant could not resist but ask “Why?” Claire smiled and said “Because…..Love!”

This post is very special to me because this was the story that gave me the courage to start writing a novel as well as sign up for NaNoWriMo in November 2015!

  1. The River of Life (Fiction)

“The new found freedom made her stronger; elegantly she coursed along further towards the valley. The greenest, radiant, sun-lit valley they called paradise.”

A 150 word short story challenge – this was the very first piece of fiction I wrote on this blog! Need I still explain why this is special to me? 😀

  1. A Moment of Clarity!

“My mind deserved to feel creative and it deserved to let me pen that creativity onto paper! It deserved to be free of thoughts every once in a while.”

Writing has always liberated me and writing this post helped me deal with my anxiety and for that this post is very special to me!

Top 5 Most Popular Posts of Mind and Life Matters

According to WP Statistics, these are the posts topping the popularity chart in terms of views, comments and likes put together:

  1. A Letter to the Person Who changed My Life!

“You definitely are wondering what it is that I am thanking you for? You see, I have a lot to thank you for. Since I never got a chance to say this while trying to escape from the prison that was my life with you, I am revealing all of it now!”

The most liberating post I ever wrote happened to become the most popular post of Mind and Life Matters! Coincidence?

  1. GIF Me How Now!?

“Blogging is fun and a lot more when you add images, double that when the images are GIF! I recently published a post on my blog using about 10 gif images; my lovely blogger friends loved the post more because of the humorous images I chose to enhance my story. Such is the power of Gif images!”

Well, I guess I was right in my choice of career in technology. A post with a little tech advice happens to be one of my most popular ones! 😀

  1. Open The Door (Fiction)

“You need to open the “Door” to this world! And to do that, you will need to open your mind and open your heart! You will be just fine!” she said and swam away!”

A story inspired from a very real dream I had!

  1. My Very First NaNo

“Keep your inner editor locked up during NaNoWriMo!” they said.

My tell-all post about my very first NaNo experience!

  1. One Summer Day! (Fiction)

“Dave never worked late; he would be back by 5PM as usual. They had to leave the country before that!”

The one that started my Novel for NaNoWriMo also happens to be one of my most popular fiction posts!
I hope you enjoyed the last Top 10 list of the year.
I wish you all a very Happy and Blessed New Year! Have fun and stay safe when you party! 🙂
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