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Top 10 Things That You Should Say to a Single Mom!

Source - Simply Senia
Source – Simply Senia

I have heard my fair share of cringe worthy things from people who were actually trying to tell me ‘nice’ things. It is amusing to learn that some people don’t really realize what it is they are doing when they say such dialogues!

If you look online you will see many lists that tell you what not to tell a single mom, so I thought of putting together my own list of the top 10 things you should say to a single mom!

In case you are in doubt what you could say that doesn’t sound like you are ‘trying’ too hard, then it may be a good idea to consider this list.

Without any further ado, here is my list of Top 10 Things You Should Say to a Single Mom!

  1. Your child will be so proud of you!

This one is the best one you can ever say, pure gold! It is difficult to go wrong with this one. Every single mom goes to bed doubting if she is doing enough for her child and wakes up thinking what more she can do. A little reminder in the form of that sentence will go a long way in reassuring her!

  1. You look great!

This sentence may look simple, but there are many ways to go wrong with this one. Look, at that sentence again, there is no ‘Wow’ before the ‘You’ neither is there a ‘today’ after the ‘great’, meaning you look great as always, not just today or on any particular day!

  1. You are enough!

I spend a lot of time brooding over the fact that all the little things that my son and I did together were incomplete memories for him because he has only one parent. That was until I recognized that in all those memories I could see the happy face of my little one. That means we are enough for each other. That is also why that little sentence will go a long way to make a single mom feel better.

  1. Family is Family!

Whether a family of both parents and children, or a single parent and a child, family is family, no matter who plays the lead or the major role. It’s as simple and as easy as that!

  1. It’s OK to use a babysitter at times!

I rarely make plans that does not involve my son and at those rare moments too, I feel terribly guilty for being away from my son. So a little reassurance that it is fine to use a sitter once in a while really helps me relax!

  1. It’s OK if you want to take time to date again!

I have had quite the number of people telling me to jump back into the dating scene and many have asked me why I am wasting ‘time’! Well first off, this is no competition and secondly each person heals at a different pace. So the best thing you can say on the topic of getting back there, is “it’s OK if you need more time!”

  1. It’s fine to want to take a break!

I love my son to bits and can’t imagine a moment without him, but then there are times that come once in a blue moon, when I just want to be by myself, alone doing something that I love. Of course like most moms, I feel guilty of wanting to do that, so that reassurance that it is fine to want to be alone at times, will really help!

  1. I don’t know how it is, but I can imagine!

Too many people use the words ‘I understand’ without thinking about the impact of those words. Instead, why not tell the truth and say that you don’t know how it is, but you can imagine how it could be!

  1. You have the whole world out there!

Most times, single moms get so caught up in their ‘domesticated’ life that they end up thinking that there is nothing else they can do. A little reminder in the form of the sentence above would be a good idea to remind her that the world is our canvas and we can paint on it however we want!

  1. You are doing awesome!

Last but definitely not the least, every single parent would love to hear this, that they are doing an awesome job parenting their kids! If you feel they deserve this compliment, they why not tell them that?

I hope you enjoyed reading this list. Is there something you did like to add? Let me know in the comments.

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